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 Berwyn, Peter and Kevin at the 13th AVETRA conference.


WHAT IS AVETRA? AVETRA is Australia’s only national, independent association of researchers in vocational education and training (VET). It was established in 1997 with initial financial assistance from the Australian National Training Authority Research Advisory Council and receives support from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER). With a substantial and growing membership, it is committed to:

  • furthering the contribution of VET research to the development of Australian VET policy
  • independently reviewing VET research priorities
  • promoting independent and significant research in VET, with due regard for the intellectual property rights of researchers
  • raising the profile of VET research in the academic and training communities
  • promoting training in research methods for those working in or with the VET sector
  • providing platforms for the dissemination of research findings.


WHO IS AVETRA FOR? AVETRA membership is open to any individual who is engaged in, or has an interest in, VET research and its results. AVETRA members include:

  • TAFE and university-based researchers
  • training managers
  • industry-based trainers and managers
  • VET decision-makers.