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Conference Archives 2014

AVETRA 17th Annual Conference Sufers Paradise – Queensland

“Informing Changes in VET Policy and Practice: The Central Role of Research”

Outrigger Hotel
Surfers Paradise, Qld, Australia

22 – 24 April 2014

AVETRA 2014 conference proceedings meet the Australian Department of Education and Training requirements for refereeing, E1 Conference Publications – Full written paper – Refereed. The ® symbol indicates that the full written paper is double-blind refereed by peers and revised to take into account the referees’ recommendations. The paper is the full written version of the conference paper (not the abstract or extended abstract), presented at the 2014 AVETRA conference. The author’s affiliations and contact emails can be found on each paper. Papers without the ® symbol are have not been refereed.

Papers and Presentations made available on this website are protected by the ISBN: 978-0-9805275-3-7. Any reproduction, part or in full, or use of papers/presentations’ content needs to be authorised by the authors and the AVETRA President.

Abstract 4

Work(er) driven innovation

Raymond Smith®



Abstract 8

Spaces for learning: restor(y)ing identities and perspectives through reflective autobiography

Jennifer Miles®



Abstract 10

Delivering Higher Education in TAFE NSW: Exploring the pedagogy of VET teachers

Rosalind Carter®



Abstract 11

Outcomes of incorporating e-learning in school VET delivery: How has Gen Y benefited from the 1:1 laptop program?

Catherine Ryan®



Abstract 13

Historical influences on Vocational Education and Training inVietnam

Thi Hanh Tien Ho®



Abstract 15

Learning Pathways for Economic Enterprise in Remote Aboriginal Communities: Are Certificate IIIs the ticket?

Eva McRae-Williams®



Abstract 20

Midlife blindness and employability: the correlation between societal perceptions of blind people and those who support their employment

Bruce Blackshaw®



Abstract 22

Distance-based learners navigating between remote and work-based learning contexts

Hilary Timms®



Abstract 23

Successful transitions into the labour market for equity groups

Linda Pfeiffer®



Abstract 25

Where are the female trades teachers? A study of views on increasing the number of female trades teachers

Linda Simon®



Abstract 26

Failure to Launch: A case of career transition from trade to teacher terminated

William Blayney®



Abstract 33

Amplifying the voice of remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander VET stakeholders using research methodologies: Volume 1

John Guenther®



Abstract 42

Education for Sustainability: an enabler of quality VET pedagogy?

Gitanjali Bedi®



Abstract 43

What do senior figures in Australian VET and industrial relations think about the concept of skill in work?

Erica Smith, Andy Smith, Ian Hampson, Anne Junor®



Abstract 46

Expertise and the representation of knowledge in Training Packages

Steven Hodge®



Abstract 50

Assessment of unskilled adults’ prior learning – fair to whom?

Vibe Aarkrog®



Abstract 52

Teacher professionalization in relation to retention strategies. Do teacher training activities have any impact on drop-out rates in adult education?

Bjarne Wahlgren®



Abstract 59

Credit transfer rates at a regional university on the path towards dual sector status

Roslyn Cameron®



Abstract 65

NCVER funded research for the research theme Students and individuals (1999-2012)

Roslyn Cameron®



Abstract 66

Staff perspectives about gamefully designing Charles Darwin University

Alicia Boyle®



Abstract 71

Geographical dimensions of imagined futures: post school participation in education and work in peri-urban and regional’Australia

Sue Webb, Ros Black, Ruth Morton, Sue Plowright and Reshmi Roy , Monash University Faculty of Education®



Abstract 72

Does education and training for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders lead to ‘real’ jobs? Evidence from the 2011 Census

John Guenther®



Abstract 73 

Self-directed learning and apprenticeships: An emerging grounded study

Damien Pearce®



Abstract 80

Deviating from the norm: promoting innovative student pathways

Helen Weadon®