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VET Journals

Relevant journals

Apart from databases, journals are an excellent source to locate very recent material, as they are published more quickly than books. You certainly won’t need all of these – you can select a few that seem relevant to you, and browse the contents pages and/or use the search facility if accessing online. If you are enrolled in a university, you can access online journals, and download relevant articles, via the Library website.

Adult Education Quarterly

Adult Education Quarterly is a scholarly, refereed journal committed to advancing the understanding and practice of adult and continuing education. AEQ aims to stimulate a problem-oriented, critical approach to research and practice, with an increasing emphasis on interdisciplinary and international perspectives. Innovative and provocative scholarship informed by diverse orientations and methodologies is encouraged.


Advances in Developing Human Resources

Advances in Developing Human Resources focuses on the issues that help you work more effectively in human resource development. The journal spans the realms of performance, learning, and integrity within an organizational context. Balancing theory and practice, each issue of the journal is devoted to a different topic central to the development of human resources.


Australian Journal of Adult Learning

This journal is an official publication of Adult Learning Australia and is published three times each year. It is concerned with promoting critical thinking and research in the field of adult learning as well as the theory, research and practice of adult and community education.


Australian Journal of Career Development

The Australian Journal of Career Development (AJCD) is the leading professional journal focusing on current theory, practice and policy relating to the career and work education field.


Canadian Journal of Higher Education

The Journal is a publication of the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education. It publishes manuscripts on topics that address and are relevant to the Canadian higher education system and its structures, processes and community; and promotes research with international and comparative dimensions in relation to Canadian higher education.


Education + Training

Education + Training addresses the increasingly complex relationships between education, training and employment and the impact of these relationships on national and global labour markets. The journal gives specific consideration to young people, looking at how the transition from school/college to employment is achieved and how the nature of partnerships between the worlds of education and work continues to evolve.


European Journal of Education: Research, Development and Policy

This journal aims to: examine, compare and assess education policies, trends, reforms and programs of European countries in an international perspective; disseminate policy debates and research results to a wide audience of academics, researchers, practitioners and students of education sciences; and contribute to the policy debate at the national and European level by providing European administrators and policy-makers in international organisations, national and local governments with comparative and up-to-date material centred on specific themes of common interest.


European Journal of Training and Development

The journal aims to provide all those involved in research and practice in training with ideas, news, research findings, case examples and discussion on training and development. The journal focuses primarily on activity in Europe, although draws on insights from the rest of the world where they are seen to make an appropriate contribution.


Human Resource Development International

The journal promotes all aspects of practice and research that explore issues of individual, group and organisational learning and performance. It is committed to questioning the divide between practice and theory, between the ‘practitioner’ and the ‘academic’, between traditional and experimental methodological approaches and between organisational demands of scholarship.


Industrial and Commercial Training

Industrial and Commercial Training provides all those involved in personnel training with current practice, ideas, news, etc. on major issues in the related areas. The journal aims to provide a balance between theory and practice and spell out implications for those involved in training. It is a practical training journal showing busy training professionals how to put training theory into practice.


International Journal of Training Research

The International Journal of Training Research has been published by AVETRA since 2003. The journal publishes articles which advance our knowledge and understanding of vocational education and training in Australia and internationally. The journal focuses on current or recently completed research and reviews of research in VET.


International Review of Education

Serving as an international forum for lifetime education and learning, the journal provides scholarly information on policy issues, educational trends, and learning innovations. It is edited by the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, Hamburg, and is the longest-running international periodical on the comparative theory and practice of formal and non-formal education.


International Journal of Lifelong Education

The International Journal of Lifelong Education provides a forum for debate on the principles and practice of lifelong, adult, continuing, recurrent and initial education and learning, whether in formal, institutional or informal settings. Common themes include social purpose in lifelong education, and sociological, policy and political studies of lifelong education.


International Journal of Training and Development

International Journal of Training and Development is an international forum for the reporting of high-quality original, empirical research – whether quantitative or qualitative – for the benefit of the academic and corporate communities, as well as those engaged in public policy formulation and implementation.


International Journal of Vocational Education and Training

This journal is the official refereed publication of the International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA). It reflects regional contributions and is international in scope. Its purposes are to provide a forum for the discussion of vocational education and training issues and practices; to assist in the dissemination of information on research and practice; and to strengthen the lines of communication between individual researchers and practitioners, institutions and organisations.


Journal of Adult and Continuing Education

The Journal of Adult and Continuing Education is essential for keeping in touch with the field of post-compulsory education. Published twice a year, it provides a forum for rigorous theoretical and practical work in the broad fields of lifelong learning and adult, community and continuing education.


Journal of Career and Technical Education

This peer-reviewed international journal covers the fields of vocational, technical, workforce and career education. It focuses on career and technical education philosophy, theory and practice and also includes literature reviews and reports of research and methodology. The journal is aimed at career and technical educators.


Journal of Education Policy

The Journal of Education Policy aims to discuss, analyse and debate policymaking, policy implementation and policy impact at all levels of and in all facets of education. It offers a forum for theoretical debate, and historical and comparative studies, as well as policy analysis and evaluation reports. The journal also analyses key policy documents and reviews relevant texts and monographs.


Journal of Further and Higher Education

Journal of Further and Higher Education is an international, peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles and book reviews representing the whole field of post-16 education and training. Topic areas include management and administration, teacher education and training, curriculum, staff and institutional development, and teaching and learning strategies and processes. The journal encourages debate on contemporary pedagogic issues and professional concerns within the UK and abroad.


Journal of Vocational Education and Training

The Journal of Vocational Education and Training is a peer-reviewed international journal which welcomes submissions involving a critical discussion of policy and practice, as well as contributions to conceptual and theoretical developments in the field. It includes articles based on empirical research and analysis (quantitative, qualitative and mixed method) and welcomes papers from a wide range of disciplinary and inter-disciplinary perspectives.


Journal of Workplace Learning

The Journal of Workplace Learning provides an avenue for the presentation and discussion of research related to the workplace as a site for learning. Its scope encompasses formal, informal and incidental learning in the workplace for individuals, groups and teams, as well as work-based learning, and off-the-job learning for the workplace.


New Zealand Journal of Adult Learning

The journal aims to provide a forum for the debate and analysis of theory, research and practice relating to adults as learners and the contexts in which their learning occurs.


Research in Post-compulsory Education

This international, fully-refereed journal, reports on research in the increasingly important area of post-compulsory education. It recognises the need for more international research and analysis and the generation of relevant theory in order to identify policy needs and trends as well as priorities in this growing area.


Studies in Continuing Education

Studies in Continuing Education is a scholarly journal concerned with all aspects of continuing, professional and lifelong learning. It aims to be of special interest to those involved in: continuing professional education, adults learning, staff development, training and development, and human resource development.


Studies in the Education of Adults

Studies in the Education of Adults is an international refereed academic journal, publishing theoretical, empirical and historical studies from all sectors of post-initial education and training. It aims to provide a forum for the debate and development of key concepts. It is published by NIACE in association with the Standing Conference on University Research and Teaching in the Education of Adults (SCUTREA), the Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL) and the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA).


VOCAL Journal;res=IELHSS;issn=1835-338X

Although designed primarily for vocational teachers and coordinators in schools, the journal attracts wide interest from across the vocational education and training market. Its mix of national and international features, challenging analyses of contemporary issues and range of best-practice case studies helps foster interest, discussion and debate.