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Conference Archives 2006

AVETRA 9th Annual Conference – 19-21 April 2006

“Global VET:  Challenges at the Global, National and Local Levels”

University of Wollongong

Wednesday, 19 April 2006 to Friday, 21 April 2006

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*** Refereed Papers: papers annotated with three asterisks in the contents below have been refereed to comply fully with the verification requirements of the Department of Education, Science and Training for a conference publication, full written paper refereed. An anonymous refereeing process has been used.





Karen Plane

Towards a National Sustainable Development Framework for VET in Australia: ‘Greening’ small business and communities, or ‘greening’ the marketplace?


RLW Sherman

Down the Track: Young people’s longer-term outcomes from TAFE training.

0005 ***

R Harris, L Rainey

Crazy paving? Learning pathways between and within VET and higher education


M Staron, R Weatherley, M Jasinski

Capability Development for the Knowledge Era: Reculturing and Life Based Learning

Paper not available


R M Harris

Symposium: Research to support the building of capability in VET providers

Paper not available


JG Mitchell, C Chappell, A Bateman, S Roy

Symposium paper: Critical issues in teaching and learning in VET: national and international findings

Paper not available


A Hill, S Broughton

Symposium paper: Killing me softly: stories from the ‘boundary spanners’

Paper not available


A. J Foley

Abstract only: Two Cultures, One Reform: Identity Formation in ACE and VET Managers


S Holden, R Gabb

Promises but not guarantees – movement from TAFE to Higher Education in a dual sector university



S Keating, D McDonald, R Gabb

Working it out: Approaches to learning in the workplace at Victoria University

0019 ***

L West

Challenging VET: using auto/biographical research to illuminate struggles for really reflexive professional learning

0021 ***

L J Grace

‘I see nothing has changed’: Reshaping practitioner concerns about institutional language

0022 ***


E. J. Renshaw, G. D Mackenzie

CROSSING THE LINE – Teachers as Learners : Learners as Teachers

Paper not available

L Watson

Abstract only: Do VET teachers need a self-governing professional association? Lessons from other professions in Australia and overseas

Paper not available


L Watson

Abstract only: Barriers to successful transitions from VET to HE – a case study of student pathways in early childhood education and care.

Paper not available

A Averis, C Bahari, G Field, J Murdock, C Trood

Abstract only: Challenging the Status Quo – skilling for emerging technologies


0027 ***


C Woodley, F Henderson, M deSensi, R Gabb

Pathways from VET to higher education and the selection process

0028 ***


Barry Golding


A profile of men’s sheds in Australia: patterns, purposes, profiles and experiences of participants: some implications for ACE and VET about engaging older men.

Paper not available

T Knack, J Bell

Abstract only: Vocational Learning Zones – Links, Pods and Hubs

0030 ***

C F Buckley


The ladder system works well enough: Perspectives of policy and power elites about student pathways in post-secondary education and training in WA

0031 ***

I Robertson,

Deconstruction, Confusion and Frequency: Surveying Technology Use by Vocational Teachers

0032 ***

J Haycock, D Anderson

Transforming skills: popular music, adult education and learning for social change

Paper not available


M Simons

Abstract only: Building a VET pedagogy: what we can learn from Certificate IV courses



J Eden-Jones

Record keeping and the Food Safety Program in Small Hospitality businesses in Victoria: Influences of workplace culture and training.

0036 ***

R. E. Harreveld


Literacies @work: Professional development in an organizational learning system

0038 ***

P T Brady


Addressing the Workforce Performance Requirements of the Post-Industrial Workplace.

0039 ***

P Kell

No Small Changing: VET Research Policy and Directions in Australia 1994-2005.

0040 ***

E Smith

Australian enterprises’ use of apprenticeships and traineeships to meet specific labour shortages

Paper not available

T O Fraser

Abstract only: New Zealand Industry Training Organisations’ contribution to the supply of and demand for skills

0044 ***

I H Falk, J Guenther

Characteristics of Communities of Practice: Would the real Community of Practice please stand up!

0045 ***

J Guenther, A Arnott, I Falk

Partners in practice: Does the national VET rhetoric connect with community reality?

0046 ***

S Black, J Balatti, I Falk

Reframing adult literacy and numeracy: A social capital perspective

Paper not available

S Hase, T Boon Hou, E Goh

Abstract only: Developing Learner Capability Through Action Research: From Pedagogy to Heutagogy in the Workplace

0048 ***

AM Green, E Smith

Making choices: Exploring influences on post-school career pathways

0049 ***

A M Green

Following through: Longitudinal research into new VET in School teachers with an industry background

0050 ***

P J Ellicott

Negotiating a VET Teacher Education Practicum in Rural and Isolated Areas.


D L Anderson

Globalisation, training packages and private providers: emerging tensions in national VET policy

Paper not available

H Spiers

It’s all about Relationships: how can institutions better support indigenous students?

0056 ***

J. A. Willis, D Anderson

Transitional Learning in the workplace: a current white-collar indulgence or a future norm for all workers?


M Fernbach, H Kimberley

Abstract only: Research in the Middle: The link between issues and action in equity and access


H Azemikhah

The 21st Century, the Competency Era and the Competency Theory


R Barrow, D Anderson


Paper not available

G Burke, C Shah, M Long, F Ferrier

Abstract only: Fasten seat belts! Armchair travelling through current issues in the economics of education and training.

Paper not available

G Hawke

Abstract only: Generic Skills: What’s the point?

0062 ***

A Smith

The emergence of learning and development in Australian enterprises.

0063 ***

C J Gallagher, D L Anderson

Adult learning for sustainable development: a review of current trends and future developments in work-related learning

0064 ***

B L Pritchard, D L Anderson

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning and young people in TAFE: A welcome challenge or weary acceptance?

Paper not available

R.E. Pickersgill

Abstract only: The new Tolpuddle Martyrs: VET practitioners and practice in the new industrial relations of training

Paper not available

R.E. Pickersgill, P. Rushbrook

Symposium: VET history has a past: does it have a future?


P Roberts, W Cross, L Shang

Review of delivery of the Certificate III Electrotechnology (Systems Electrician) program in order to improve pass rates in Electrical License assessment.

Paper not available

S. Dawe, A. Averis

Abstract only: The challenge of small business and VET: Evidence for policy and practice from NCVER’s systematic review of research.


M.F. Kell

Based on experience: Teaching and learning on the factory floor

Paper not available

M Brown

Abstract only: Developing innovative and sustainable pedagogies for vocational learning

0077 ***

P Wadick

Learning safety: What next? The case for a learning circle approach.



Investigating ‘Wellbeing’ as a platform for development: outcomes from the WA Public Service professional.